Joan Nathan’s Passover Pecan Lemon Torte With Lemon Curd Filling Recipe

Many years ago, in Jerusalem, I was given a recipe for an almond-lemon torte. I loved the tartness of the lemon but wanted it even more lemony.

I was reminded of my love for lemon curd, which started when I’d go from bakery to bakery in Paris, tasting each lemon-curd tart. For this torte, I changed the almonds to pecans (because Passover already has so many almonds) and added my favorite lemon curd, which I learned from Suzanne’s, a long-gone restaurant on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, D.C.

It’s not hard at all: Make the curd a few days in advance and, if you want, freeze the cake up to 2 months ahead.

From the story: Joan Nathan is more than a Jewish cookbook writer. Her new memoir shows why

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