French Onion Ramen Recipe – Los Angeles Times

This recipe is special. And not in the way that a mother says, “Oh, ALL my children are special!” You’re lying, Susan. You bought Rebecca a car for her 16th birthday, and you bought Kyle an SAT handbook. You clearly think Rebecca is more special, just how we think this recipe is more special. We developed it right when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, because we wanted people to be able to make comfort foods using whatever shelf-stable goods they had on hand. In fact, WE only had a few shelf-stable goods on hand!

We were supposed to shoot our usual videos in the studio, when suddenly, after a week or so of speculation, the world shut down. We immediately ran to our producer’s house with fists full of grocery bags filled with a random assortment of items that we’d grabbed from the studio before we had to leave. We laid them all out on the table and tried to figure out what sort of simple deliciousness we could conjure up to actually improve people’s lives during what was sure to be a hell of an ordeal.

French onion ramen, using only four(ish) ingredients, was an immaculate answer. Well, so were our cheesy rice muffins, but those kinda sucked. (Still filling and hearty, though!) We launched the “Mythical Kitchen” YouTube channel about two months before the pandemic hit, and our combination mantra and rallying cry of “EVERYBODY IS TRYING THEIR BEST!” has stuck ever since. Because we really are. And so are you.

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