Food trends to look forward to in 2024

For many, the start of the new year calls for a list of resolutions. A fresh start and newfound inspiration for whatever it is you’d like to accomplish. I know myself and my limitations. It takes more than my digital calendar switching over to January to motivate me to do anything resolution-ish.

I prefer to make two wish lists of sorts. One is a collection of things, people and trends I hope to see more of in the new year, and the second is devoted to those I hope to leave behind.

Since yesterday’s post threw all my shade on 2023 food trends, I’m back to balance that out with a short list of things I’m looking forward to in food in 2024. Happy new year!

More dumplings

Sheng jian bao from Kang Kang Food Court in Alhambra.

(Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times)

For too long, a single restaurant and its one variety of dumpling have dominated the greater conversation around dumplings. Xiao long bao, also known as soup dumplings, are wonderful. But there’s an entire world of dumplings to explore, many within reach here in Southern California. Paradise Dynasty, Kang Kang, Long Xing Ji, Hui Tou Xiang, Min Min Pie House (and so many more) should all be household names worthy of recognition for their myriad styles and excellency. If you need some suggestions on where to start, we have an entire series devoted to dumplings. You can catch up on all the episodes here.

More superettes

A hand holds up a wheel of cheese in front of a fridge that says "SUPERETTE" at DTLA Cheese Superette.

Embrace the superette. Above, DTLA Cheese in downtown.

(Stephanie Breijo / Los Angeles Times)

I’ve written at length about my love of superettes, the small markets selling produce, specialty food items, housewares and gifts. Most are reflections of the owner’s unique tastes and style, like real-life Pinterest boards you can shop in. I like knowing that a singular person or small team curated the selection of tinned fish, candles, hot sauce, wine and tea towels. Here’s a list of 12 superettes in the Los Angeles area.

More Alison Hammond

Alison Hammond

Alison Hammond attends the BAFTA Film Awards 2023 Nominees Party.

(Gareth Cattermole / BAFTA / Getty Images for BAFTA)

Despite a cringey moment or two along the way, “The Great British Bake Off” television series brings me joy like nothing else. I find myself smiling as I watch the bakers laugh off a last place finish in a technical challenge or when they follow through with a spectacular showstopper. I cry with joy when the winner is announced and I continue to smile as footage of the bakers hanging out after the show plays during the credits.

This year’s newest addition, TV personality and actor Alison Hammond, replaced Matt Lucas to host alongside Noel Fielding. With her boisterous laugh, quick wit and sunny, playful disposition, she gave the show an extra boost of cheerfulness. I hope she sticks around for many more seasons to come.

More good restaurant merch

photo collage of food-inspired fashion clothing items

I can’t get enough of all the cozy, stylish restaurant merchandise.

(Photographs by Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times, Christina House / Los Angeles Times, Rebecca Peloquin / For The Times, Mister Parmesan)

Half of my wardrobe is restaurant merchandise. I live in my Jitlada shirt. My Yang’s Kitchen T-shirt may be the most comfortable top I own. I reach for my Langer’s Deli baseball cap whenever I don’t feel like doing my hair. I’ve got my eye on that new Mini Kabob beige and red corduroy hat too.

More L.A. restaurants in Las Vegas

The interior of Mother Wolf restaurant at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

The interior of Mother Wolf restaurant at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

(Eric Wolfinger)

Earlier this year, a slew of Los Angeles chefs opened restaurants both on and off the Strip in Las Vegas. Evan Funke brought a location of his Hollywood restaurant Mother Wolf to the new Fontainebleau hotel. Ray Garcia revitalized B.S. Taqueria at the Sundry Food Hall in southwest Las Vegas. Also at the hall is Ria Dolly Barbosa’s Filipino restaurant Petite Peso. Roy Choi and Jon Favreau opened the Chef food truck at Park MGM with sandwiches inspired by their 2014 film “Chef” and their Netflix series “The Chef Show.” And Irv’s Burgers, Uncle Paulie’s Deli and Prince St. Pizza (the New York-originated pizza shop with multiple locations in Los Angeles) are all hallmark vendors at the Eat Your Heart Out food hall inside the new Durango resort and casino in southwest Las Vegas.

These openings are an opportunity to reach an entirely new audience, build worldwide brand recognition and hopefully take advantage of a casino’s sizable food and beverage budget. I liken it to the hometown quarterback making it big. We’re all rooting for you!

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