Challenges Faced As a Female Plumber

Faced As a Female Plumber

A number of challenges are faced by women who decide to become plumbers. The trade is largely male-dominated, and although female presence in construction is growing, it’s mostly confined to office and administrative roles rather than on job sites. However, a few determined individuals are breaking the mould and encouraging more women to get into plumbing. They are also promoting the positive impacts that a woman can have on the industry.

One such example is Leah Carney, who started her own business Milestone Plumbing after completing a course with Access Training. She is a self-confessed ‘people person’ and says her love of people made plumbing a perfect career choice for her. Despite this, she still encounters prejudice from customers and colleagues. She recalls a time where a customer told her “where’s the man?” when she arrived on site for a plumbing job. Leah took this in her stride, and focused on proving that she could be just as good as any male plumber.

Leah’s story is not an isolated one; many female plumbers have similar experiences of being questioned about their skills, or even their right to be there. The challenges can be difficult to overcome, but Leah insists that it’s important to stay positive and focus on the work you do. She is passionate about helping other women to consider plumbing as a career, and believes that the negative stigma around the job can be dispelled if there was more awareness.

Challenges Faced As a Female Plumber

For those who want to follow in Leah’s footsteps, she advises that they start by getting qualified through an apprenticeship program and contacting their local Further Education College or Trade School. They should then research the different plumbing companies in their area and compare prices before choosing the right one for their needs. It’s also advisable to create a website for your business so that potential customers can find it easily.

Some businesses may be hesitant to hire female plumbers due to the misconception that the job is too dirty or heavy for women to do, or they will disrupt the workplace dynamics. However, it’s clear that if given the opportunity, women can thrive in the plumbing profession and help to shape it into a more compassionate industry that is ultimately enriched by more diversity.

If you’re interested in becoming a plumber, visit the website of AroFlo for more information about how to get started. They have a comprehensive guide to getting your trade business started that can help you learn everything you need to know about starting your plumbing career.

There are some amazing female plumbers out there, whose stories should inspire more women to consider becoming trade professionals themselves. It’s never too late to begin, so why not give it a go? The world would be a better place if more women decided to tackle the challenges and achieve their dreams!

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