54 Gifts With Really Good Reviews

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Fly By Jing

A jar of Sichuan chili crisp

Fly By Jing is an Asian woman-owned small business making flavorful sauces and spice mixes you’ll want to add to basically all of your recipes. The name is inspired by Chengdu’s “fly restaurants” — so called because they attract customers like flies. The chili crisp sauce is also made in Chengdu.

Promising review: “Ever since my sister introduced me to this heavenly condiment, I’ve slathered it on pretty much everything I could think of — from roasted vegetables and noodles to seafood and popcorn. It’s got a kick, yes, and while I’m a big fan of spicy food, the thing I love most about this chili crisp is that it also has great flavor that doesn’t get overpowered by the heat, which happens with so many other spicy condiments. That deep savory flavor comes from ingredients like fermented black bean, shallots, mushroom powder, ginger, and seaweed, so it’s no wonder it’s become my go-to pantry staple when I want to zhuzh up my dinner. And for the holidays? This makes the BEST gift for the food lover in your life. PS: Some people even swear by it as an ice cream topping!” — Brittany Ross, BuzzFeed Shopping


A Philips Norelco One Blade trimmer and shaver

The 360-degree blade moves in all directions to follow the contours of their face, and it’s good for body use, too.

Promising reviews: “I am always trying to find a gift for my husband that he likes and uses. In all 24 years of marriage and four years of dating prior to marriage, this is by far the best thing I have ever given him. He uses it all the time. Never uses another razor. He has extremely sensitive skin and after a shave with electric or straight blade” — Sam

This is the best razor I’ve ever owned. I give them as gifts now and everyone I’ve given then to had fully converted. From slaying a neck beard to going down to the bare floors on your undercarriage… this razor does both without cutting you. Battery lasts forever on 1 charge. I seriously only charge mine like every three months. Replacement heads are a little pricey and always locked up if you’re buying them from a brick-and-mortar business but still worth it.” — Majestic Jim

A Carhartt cuffed beanie

It’s available in one size and 35 colors.

Promising reviews:

“I got this as a gift for my boyfriend and he is obsessed with Carhartt. He always wears it when it’s cold if not he takes care of it in his room. 10/10 best gift for your significant other” — Cecilia

“I LOVE THESE! They’re so cute and comfy. This product is honestly quite soft and the logo is just the perfect detail. Super warm! Makes for the best universal gift!” — Abby Costner

An at-home putting green with three holes

It’s 3 feet by 9 feet, by the way, and the “sand traps” in the back catch overshot balls so no one has to go chasing them.

Promising reviews: “Best gift ever. This is an amazing gift for anyone who likes golf or putt putt. I got this as a gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. It’s a great value for the money and it came in perfect condition. It is easy to roll up/ store. I would 100 percent recommend this product!!” — Tia Proctor

“Bought this for my husband who is an avid golfer. We live up north so he’s stir-crazy in the winter. It has been laid out in my living room since Christmas. We don’t use that room so I don’t mind. He practices putting every day. Even uses it as a stress reliever between meetings.” — Kim

John Mihaly / BuzzFeed

Silly Poopy’s Hide & Seek game

Promising reviews: “Apparently this is the best gift ever given by me to my grandson (4), and his little brother (2) loves it too. This also means that their mom and dad are super happy because they have laughing and giggling children. Let’s hear it for poop!! — S. King

“Let me tell you that if you want hours of endless fun of hide and go seek without having to hide yourself, this is a must get!When it’s hidden it makes various toot noises and says stuff so the kids know if they are close. And when they find it and press the button to do and sing the silly poopy dance … even you will dance and sing along!!! Doesn’t need batteries and come on, it’s poop? Who doesn’t think poop and toot noises are funny and if they don’t they are lying to themselves. A must-have for fun with your kids without barely doing any work!!” — andrea kelli gorman


A rotating puzzle board

Promising reviews: My wife said it was her best 2021 Christmas present. It was also my favorite Christmas gift to my wife because now I can easily clear off her puzzle from our kitchen island when we have company. Between the board and the four drawers, all 1000 pieces can be easily and SAFELY moved off the granite countertop in one fell swoop. Thank you, Santa!!!” — Bob R.

“A must for people who cannot dedicate a table for puzzles. I have now purchased three of these puzzle boards for gifts. When a table is needed for dinner or another project, it is easy enough to slip the puzzle under a couch or bed without disturbing the puzzle. One of the puzzle boards is used on a coffee table which has a lower level it is placed on when the puzzle is not being worked on.” — Tam87


Two pairs of adorable and thermal insulated socks

They’re available in 15 color packs.

Promising reviews:

“I bought these socks for my grandmother. After she got them in the mail, she said they were very nice looking and she’ll try wear them to bed cause that’s when her feet are the coldest. 7am next morning, she calls me just to let me know they were “NICE-n-HOT”. Needless to say, these socks got me into first place for best gift.” — Lydia Campbell

“Without exaggeration, these socks are life changing. My feet are always cold especially at night, and these are the first socks I’ve ever found that I can wear to bed comfortably and not need several pairs. I also wear them in my winter boots for added warmth. The only thing I wish was that they were a bit less bulky — I can wear them in my winter boots because I sized up for that reason, but my regular boots are too snug with them.” — Jessica


An Otamatone, a Japanese electric musical instrument

Promising reviews: “Best Christmas gift. Everyone in the house loves using it. Obviously be aware if you are buying this for a child or a Goofy husband that they will figure out how to make the most annoying noises. Totally worth it.” — ashley becker

“Absolute best gift! Got this for a friend and she loves it! Got this for a friend after she mentioned she wanted one. When she pulled it out of the box she was so happy I swore she was going to need a restroom close by she probably peed a little dab! I’m very happy with this product because not only did it make her happy I was super happy seeing her so happy with it! She played it for hours that night.” — Lindsi Shepherd


A Bluetooth banana phone

Promising reviews: “Best gift EVER! Okay, so this was a gift for a friend. They were stoked to receive it. They have the ‘I’ll talk on a banana phone’ kinda personality so obv it was a no brainer. I only see them a couple of times a year so my review can only go so far, right? Bummer. I will update this review if they tell me the phone was useless or bad sounding though. Seriously though, buy it. I mean, how awesome will it feel to know that you will have made someone smile just having seen you talk on a banana phone. It’s like a gift for yourself and everyone else. Even a bad conversation would be better on a banana phone. Am I right?” — Cha cha!

“Best gift ever! AND works much better than I imagined. Bluetooth works great, even can make voice prompted calls from it. Love taking calls on it. Should have ordered a whole bunch for my office.” — Steward Green


A pack of six residue-free Crayola Globbles

Yes, they easily wash clean with soap and water without losing stickiness, so the fun can keep going even after they end up in one of your houseplants.

Promising review:I waited over two months to write my review! My 4-year-old daughter plays with these DAILY! YES they do attract dirt and hair. HOWEVER they are so easy to rinse off, it’s not a big deal! We took these to a family gathering and ended up giving two away because they were SO loved! The two we gave away went to a 12-year-old and my 19-year-old brother. They discovered throwing them at the ceiling fan and watching them shoot across the room, which was pretty entertaining! None of them have busted or ripped and they are definitely NOT gentle with them! I will definitely be buying more!” — Kindle customer

Promising review: “Best gift. Its very fun to play! you can also wash it with water and soap! The sticky will come back! Awesome product. Highly recommended.” — Julie

The “Shark Tank”-famous Comfy, a wearable sweatshirt-blanket

It’s available in one size that fits up to about 4X according to reviewers, and 16 colors/patterns plus a non-zippered version.

Promising review:

“The best gift ever! I for my first Comfy for Christmas 2020 and was instantly in love with it. I had to have another, so when I was washing the one I’d have another to wear. So now I have two and I don’t know how I ever made it through a winter without them before. They’re the most comfortable, warm and wonderful inventions ever!!! I’m someone whose always cold and also a huge reader who also loves to crochet, both require the use of my hands. I’ve tried wrapping blankets around me, but whenever I need to turn a page or work my hook the blanket falls off, so with this having it’s own arms I don’t worry about it anymore! It’s perfect! I’m sure I’ll be buying other colors for next year, since I haven’t taken the two I have off since the cold weather started. I haven’t worn them out of the house yet, but it’s been tempting!” — KymmLisa


A desktop inflatable tube guy

It even comes with a 32-page booklet about the history of the tube man.

Promising reviews: “Bought this as an inside joke for my brother for Christmas. He could not stop laughing! This was awesome! Hands down the best gift I think I’ve ever gotten him.” — Jenna F

This is the best gift I’ve given! It’s hilarious to see!” — Keri


A six-in-one rose gold curling iron with interchangeable barrels

Promising reviews: “I got this for my sister who says it’s the best curling iron she has ever had. Best gift ever!” — Amazon customer

“New favorite curling iron. I LOVE this curling iron! Such a great value for six different irons! So far I’ve used the two biggest barrels, and they work amazingly! My hair held the curls through wind, running, and even sleep! Shipped super fast! Highly recommend this seller, and this product!!!” — Amazon

A custom page embosser or self-inking stamp

It’s available in 11 designs and as an embosser or stamp.

Promising reviews:

“I have purchased several custom stamps from this company, fast shipping and quality products make these the best gifts!” — Suzanne

“Got this for a friend who loves books and is always loaning them out to other friends. Great quality, and the design was exactly what I ordered and imagined. Time between order and receiving it was a quick turnaround as well. Thinking of ordering more in the future for other friends. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, this is the option!” — Katy


An Oster electric wine opener set

Push a button and the job is done. It’ll open 30 bottles on a single charge, and has a rechargeable base so it’s always ready to go. One reviewer is rebuying this exact same wine opener after theirs finally bit the dust after TEN YEARS of continuous use!

Promising reviews: “What’s not to like? This electric wine opener has a foil cutter on the back side of the holder, works like a charm, takes the cork off, push the button again, and it brings the cork down so you can retrieve the cork. How cool is that! My husband and I like this so much, we’ve gifted this to our daughter, grandchildren, and friends. Every wine enthusiast will love this! I guarantee you’ll love it as much as we do!!” — Amazon customer

“Purchased one of these for my wife. Been a while now, and it works like new. She loves it! Purchased one for a friend of mine. She loved it so much she purchased a second one for their Florida home. Great battery life. Very minimal space on the counter. Best gift ever.” — Jeff W.


A five-in-one wine stopper and aerator

Promising reviews: “Don’t know what the ‘flavor’ category means with respect to these wine bottle stoppers but the stoppers work as advertised. A local vineyard was using them in their sample room so I assumed that since a vineyard was using them, they would work as advertised and they do. You can lay a wine bottle flat and it won’t leak. Nice that it filters out cork crumbs.” — Lawrol

“Best Christmas gift of 2019. Greatest gadget for wine lovers. I gifted these at Christmas and they were a huge hit. I’m buying more. I know nothing about wine. So it was pure luck this was such a big hit.” — Kindle customer


Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, a speedy (and hilarious) card game

It’s recommended for players 8 and older. Here’s how to play: Pass out all the cards to the players and keep all the stacks face down. Everyone takes a turn putting a card down in the middle, while saying “taco,” “cat,” “goat,” “cheese,” and “pizza,” in that order. If the picture on your card matches the word that’s said, everyone races against each other to slap their hand on the central pile of cards. Whoever is last must take the pile of cards and add them to their stack, and the person who runs out of cards first wins!

Promising review:Best gift I’ve given in years! I bought a set to play with my niece and nephew on vacation. They are 6 and 8, and they loved it. So did grandma. Since then I have given two sets away to friends with kids, and they have loved it. It is fun, different from your average card game, and challenging in surprising ways.” — Brian H.


A basic Roomba robo vac

This one even works with Alexa.

Promising reviews: “It was a Christmas gift .. My daughter said it’s the best Christmas gift she’s ever received” — Liz

“I bought this for my parents for Christmas last year, and they say to me at least monthly it’s their favorite gift I have ever gotten them. For senior citizens not having to vacuum their house anymore is a huge help.” — Gabe Jarboe

A set of waterproof Bluetooth earbuds

They’re available in five colors.

Promising review:

“Well, I bought these for my husband for Father’s Day. He liked his son’s AirPods and I knew I wasn’t paying that price! He said it was the best gift I had ever gotten him(and that’s saying a lot-he’s very picky). He loves the sound. It’s clear and no background noise. I did listen to some music one day so I could see for myself. He has no problem with the charge lasting. It’s all day for him. He also talks through it to when he’s outside working. The distance from his earbuds to his phone is about 40 ft. He’s happy; I’m happy.” — Carla Smyers

A marble run set

Promising reviews: “Best Christmas present ever. I have been waiting until my little one was old enough for marble to order one of these. I love it as a child and my sin does too now. I choose this one because it was see thru, and I’m glad, that makes even better. Even my husband likes it, he was unsure when I told him I ordered it. Thank you soo much, I will be ordering more to build even bigger runs as my son gets older.” — Rebecca

This is a really neat toy that has provided literally hours and hours of enjoyment for my 4-year-old nephew (and me!). The pieces fit well together, it is very sturdy and stands up well even on carpet. There are an infinite number of ways to build these runs, and this toy never gets boring. Highly recommended.” — Becca

A three-in-one foldable magnetic wireless charger

It’s available in nine colors.

Promising reviews: “Not only is this a great travel charger, but they definitely took a page from Apple in their boxing of the product. Beautifully done, would make a great impression as a gift. Bought this for travel as one outlet needed to charge all three devices. Love how unobtrusive it is, hate how cluttered a hotel room can get when all of your electronics take over the limited flat surfaces in a hotel. Love it so much I’m using it at home as well.” — M. Tanouye

“Voted best useful gift ever. I gifted this to my manager and she uses it daily. She gets compliments. It was recommended through BuzzFeed. Solid product.” — E. M. Obeso


A Dyson Ball toy vacuum

It’s available in three colors.

Promising reviews: “I bought one for 2-year-old child’s bday gift. Around this age loves pulling and pushing, this is perfectly developmentally appropriate material. Plus it does look like a real Dyson and sucks some real dust. It was absolutely the best gift from the party, the child dragged it all over the backyard. Once he put it down, he’s 2-year-old cousin played for next hour until he claimed it back. His parents were very happy too that he learns how to help round at home.” — Kim

“Our son is absolutely obsessed with our Dyson (the real one), which is why we purchased this toy Dyson vacuum for his birthday. He’s 2 years old, and he is really enjoying having his on ‘working’ vacuum cleaner!!! He seriously plays with it for hours during the day. Turning it on and off and pushing it through the house just like we use our real vacuum. I would buy this again! It was his favorite gift!” — Amazon customer

A flippable Belgian waffle maker

It stores vertically, which means it saves space, too.

Promising review: “Cook’s Illustrated (America’s Test Kitchen) recommended this product. It’s a good product for the price. It makes perfect Belgian waffles, I like how it has a small footprint and I’m able to easily store it in my pantry because it folds up. I think it’s great. I bought this for my husband as a Father’s Day gift this year. He couldn’t have been more surprised and pleased. He LOVES waffles. I think he said this was the best gift I’ve ever given him.” — Kindle customer


A shrimp neck pillow

Promising reviews: “This pillow changed my life. Birthday for someone you’re in love with? Wanna show your teacher you appreciate them? Does your hairdresser give you solid looks for solid prices and you need a Christmas gift for them? Does your neck need support late at night when you are playing scary video games in the dark at 2 a.m. when you should be studying for finals? This shrimp neck pillow was the answer to all those questions. It’s so comfortable. It’s so fashionable. It’s so iconic. No one will ever disrespect you with this on your neck. If you have doubts, take my word for it. This pillow is where it’s at.” — McHoot

“So, I got the for my grandfather as a joke at Christmas. I lived with my grandparents in high school, and he would ask me on a daily basis if I liked shrimp. It’s become this ongoing thing with us for the last decade. My grandmother and I talk on the phone everyday, and everyday I hear him telling her to ‘ask Gabi if she likes shrimp,’ So when I saw this, i thought it was perfect and had to buy it. I wasn’t expecting him to actually use it. Well, apparently he wears it 24/7. He finds it’s super comfortable and he uses it while watching TV, while driving, while sleeping, and he loves all the compliments he gets on it.Definitely the best gift I have ever given to anyone.” — Gabrielle White


A Facetory sheet mask subscription box

Each kit comes with a detailed info card explaining the benefits of each mask, so you know the what amazing things you’re putting on your face.

Promising review: “My husband got me this subscription for mother’s day as a way for me to take time for myself…and it has been the best gift I’ve ever received. I love the face masks and cleansers. I definitely notice a difference since I have been using the products. I already plan to reorder a few of the products I’ve gotten.” — She Reads Books

The Dyson Air Wrap Complete, a six-in-one hair dryer and styler

Promising reviews: “This has changed my life, talk about a magic wand!! It usually takes me just over an hour to straighten my hair with regular straighteners then another hour to curl, it’s so thick and frizzy! With the air wrap it literally took me just over half an hour to straighten AND CURL my hair!!! By far the best out there. (Best Christmas gift ever..)” — Cortni646

“After looking at the air wrap for over a year, I finally bought it. I have thick type 4b hair and the firm brush attachment made blowing out my hair so easy. I noticed that my roots were still a little damp so I used the dryer attachment and my roots were dry in no time. I am excited to try out the curling features on day old hair.” — acm824


A 15-tool Leatherman multitool

Promising review: “Father’s Day gift to my husband. He loves it, uses it all the time. He feels more lost without this than if he loses his smartphone. And he tells everyone the kids got it for him so ‘Daddy can fickits.’ Don’t depend on the leather carry that come with it though, very cumbersome to take in and out of it. I want one. Best gift ever.” — paczki

Nuggy Buddy / Etsy

A Santa hat-wearing chicken nugget ornament (it is a real preserve! nugget!) sure to make anyone laugh

Nuggy Buddy is a small business based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, that makes tongue-in-cheek preserved chicken nuggets.

Promising review:
“I cannot believe these are actually a thing. It is the best funny gift ever. Thanks.” — kim


A ping-pong set that attaches to table tops

It comes with an expandable/retractable net so it can fit the width of your table with adjustable clamps, two paddles, two balls and a mesh carrying bag so you can take it on the go.

Promising reviews: “This thing is great! I bought it as a stocking stuffer for my husband and he loves it. We actually set it up on the dining room table. It’s very sturdy and the poles that hold the net are spring loaded so it holds tight no matter what size your table. The clamps that hold the poles up are also spring loaded so there’s no damage to the table. It even comes with a travel bag and takes less than a minute to set up and take down. I’d highly recommend it to anyone with limited space or who likes to camp. I would also recommend buying a few more ping pong balls, though. It comes with two but they aren’t the best.” — Philip or Laura

“Best gift for my 15-year-old son since the over-the-door basketball hoop. He loves it!” — Jackie


A Golden Girls blanket in a très chic Pop Art-inspired design

Promising reviews: “The best gift. Love.” — Laura

“I LOVE it!!!! It came in a timely matter and you can actually see the picture on both sides. It looks great on my bed and just warm enough during the summer! It makes me smile!!!” — Tammy L Shoemaker

A soil-free AeroGarden Harvest indoor herb garden

Promising reviews: “I grew the herbs that came with the AeroGarden and I had so many I froze some and dried some. Now I am growing three lettuce varieties and three tomato plants. I look forward every morning to seeing how much they’ve grown, and today I enjoyed a BLT with my own homegrown lettuce. Fun and easy for all ages! Best Christmas gift ever!” — Deborah L. Niles

“I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend’s sister-in-law who lamented not having a green thumb. I was somewhat apprehensive, having read a few reviews that mentioned pods not spouting. However, in the two months that the sis-in-law has had the AeroGarden, the growth has been tremendous. I’m constantly in awe when she sends me pics of the new growth. Only one pod failed to spout, but she reached out to customer service, and they are sending a replacement for that particular pod. All the others have grown quite large, and last night I received a picture of their dinner using herbs grown with the AeroGarden. Impressive!” — Mary A. Walls


A luxurious double-sided shaggy faux-fur duvet set

They can choose between the two very cozy sides. It’s available in sizes twin–king and 29 colors.

Promising reviews: “Simply irresistible!!! Seriously the best present I’ve ever bought for myself. I’ve been off work for a week and I can barely force myself to get out of bed in the morning and I can’t wait to get back in bed at night. Oh and my fur babies agree.” — Christine Thomas

If my house caught on fire, this is the first thing I’d grab. But seriously, this is one of my favorite things in my whole house. I feel like it tied my entire room together. I get so many compliments on it and it seriously so cozy and well made. My only complaint would be how hard thing thing makes it to get out of bed in the mornings. It’s incredibly soft and isn’t the type of ‘fur’ that will mat and get gross-looking over time. I rely heavily on reviews when I buy things so I’m here to tell you — if you’re on the fence about buying this … do it!! Also, the pillowcases are amazing also. Super soft and the pom-pom fringe is adorable.” — SK

A bright and powerful mini multimedia projector

Promising reviews: “This is by far the best investment I’ve made. Beautiful picture quality, sound, and everything else. I do not use the screen, because I prefer to just have it play on the wall. I was very impressed with the quality. I will update with a picture later. I will probably purchase at least three more. I literally can talk forever about how great this is, but I won’t LOL. I’ll just say if you’re thinking about buying it DO IT! Best purchase ever!!” — TN

“Best present my friend said I ever bought him. Unbelievable picture.” — David Seaman


A compact Shiatsu massager

Promising review: “Incredible. I use it every night. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Warning: I def used it longer than the 20 minutes recommended on my first night. It has auto-shut-off, but I just hit it again (and again). No issue in overheating. It was a great massage everywhere. The warning is I was sore the next day! Good sore, but really really sore. So, when you buy it, keep that in mind. Slow start will benefit you in the long run. ENJOY! I love the product so much I sent it to my sister, my colleague and a few other work friends as gifts. They said it’s the best gift EVER.” — MH

A Renpho percussion massage gun

Promising review: “Bought it for Father’s Day gift. Hubby loves it! He says best gift ever. It’s lightweight and not bulky to hold, yet still does the job well. Plan to buy more as gift to families. Highly recommended.” — Star

“This was the first and the best holiday gift from me to me this year. I sit the whole day while working — and I feel stuff at the end of the day. This brings me back to life.” — Amazon customer


A 2024 Jeopardy desk calendar

Promising reviews: “I have been getting this desk calendar for my husband every Christmas for many years. He really likes the daily responses and questions.” — Avidreader

Annually get this as a birthday gift for boss. Sets on the counter in the office so everyone can see it.” — nana


An external battery

This has two USB ports to charge two devices at a time, and it holds enough juice to charge an iPhone 8 three times.

Promising reviews: “My family loves this product since I originally bought it for them for Christmas. I chuckle that my brother comments STILL on what a perfect gift it was for him since he can charge his iPhone in the older car that doesn’t have a working cigarette lighter for his iphone charger. ‘BEST GIFT You EVER bought’ he tells me. Even my neighbor began to use it for his phone and wanted one just like it. The really neat part is that the paw print lights up in blue. If you’re an animal lover it strikes a cord that it reminds you of the love you have for pets, you had and have now.” — Denise J. Cogut

“I love this portable charger! I didn’t think it would be a good idea, because normally you portable chargers die within the first charge it does. I have charged my phone over 4 times and haven’t had to charge it! That is including just leaving it in my bag for weeks until I need it again. It will not disappoint! I love it!” —MacMak


A pair of hairy good slippers

They fit up to a women’s size 8.5 and are also available up to men’s 11.

Promising review:

“This was a Christmas gift for a close friend of my son. She loved them. Best gag gift, she liked and wears them, said they are very comfortable and keep her feet warm. Makes everyone smile when they see them too, PLUS!!” — Patti Longerbeam


A screaming goat figurine

It comes with a 32-page, illustrated booklet all about goats, making this product the G.O.A.T. itself.

Promising review:Best gift of 2020! When my husband pulled this out of his stocking, I’m pretty sure he thought “What the hell did you get me?!?” However, this screaming goat has brought so much laughter to our house, and the whole family randomly turns him on in moments of quiet, tension or just for fun. Best $10 ever. Sure, it is silly and mostly useless. But sometimes you just need a good laugh and to hear your 10 year-old in fits of giggles. The sound of the goat is great (he’s really loud!) and quality is much better than I expected for the price. If you need a silly gag gift or something to brighten a dreary cubicle, this guy is perfect.” — medea75560


A dino race track

Promising reviews: “It was the best gift I could have given our grandson. He played for hours with it. It was a Christmas hit!” – Jerry Myers

“My son received this set as a gift for Christmas and he really loves it. I asked the gifter where they got it and I have since bought the same set two times as a gift to other toddlers my son’s age. And each time it’s a huge hit! Kids are just obsessed with this. Even myself had fun playing this with my son. I like how versatile the tracks are. Totally worth it!” — olive


A wedge ice cube set

The set comes with a double old-fashioned glass and a silicone mold to make the wedge of ice.

Promising reviews: “I gave this as a gift to one of my coworkers as a Secret Santa present and he loved it! He claimed it was the best gift at the office.” — Amazon customer

“We absolutely LOVE these whiskey wedge glasses. They are simple to use, durable, and are such a hit at dinner parties and cocktail hour. The wedge stays solid for a very long time and melts at the appropriate pace so as to not water down your drink. The bourbon drinkers around here are very pleased with the water melt ratio in this glass and we have since ordered three more to add to our first purchase! Highly recommend!!” — Haley E.


The world’s smallest violin keychain

It’s also battery-powered.

Promising reviews: “Hands-down the best classroom management tool I have ever purchased. It’s definitely overpriced but for the amount of times I’ve used it in one day, so worth it.” — Emily Metzger

“My daughter and I got three of these for two of her 5th grade teachers and my son’s pre-k teacher. Every single teacher loved them so much! My daughter’s teachers bragged about how amazing these were to the whole school and the pre-k teacher did the best happy dance. For sure will be getting these every year for teachers. Hands down best gift i have ever bought anyone.” — Amber Parker


A stylish acrylic block and set of sleek black knives

This comes with 13 knives, a pair of kitchen scissors, a peeler and a two-stage knife sharpener.

Promising reviews: “These were a gift for my father who has been a chef for over 30 years. He absolutely loved them! they look better than the picture they are very good quality and the set up is very stylish. He told me this was the best gift he has ever gotten, I will be buying one for my home as well!” — A mom

“These knives are great! They stay super sharp, they’re comfortable to hold, and I love how much counter space it leaves as opposed to a big bulky knife block. Fits perfectly in my minimalist kitchen!!! And it looks great on my counter being one of the few things that I keep on my countertop! It is the perfect amount of knives without being too many knives (I don’t like things in excess)! I have never had a cheese knife before, and this baby is my favorite one in the whole set! LOL! It slices through hard cheeses like butter! Have not tried on soft cheese, but I’m sure it’ll be great because it is super sharp! I can’t say enough about how much I love these knives!!” — Sadie Allen

Chronicle Books

“Murder Most Puzzling,” an illustrated collection of 20 different murder mysteries

Promising reviews: “I am not even done with this book and I had to leave a review that these puzzles are devilishly challenging but so much fun. Be sure to turn the page to see the larger scene, and before you check the solutions look at the Clues section near the back so you can give yourself a little help without giving away the answer. I hope that there are more puzzle books like this because I have to redeem myself (these are hard!)” — tmc1218

“Best gift ever for curious people like my mom!” — RjH


A TikTok-famous and extra satisfying 1,000-piece Mystic Maze jigsaw puzzle

Promising reviews: “This puzzle is THE BEST GIFT! I spent a little while each night on the puzzle, which is very complex and challenging. My kids and husband would sneak in a few pieces now and then. We got to complete the challenge at the end together and it was a wonderful finish! Going to frame this one!” — Corrie Potter

“I bought this as a gift for my husband because he absolutely loves puzzles and magic, so it was a no-brainer! I was honestly way more excited to finish putting this puzzle together than a normal puzzle because I couldn’t wait to see the end result. Blown away. I’m super impressed and will be purchasing a different version. Oh, and they weren’t kidding about the no dust in the box…very pleased with this purchase!” — Nlbrimberry


A popular veggie chopper in a new crocodile design

It comes with two dicing blades and two spiralizing blades.

Promising reviews: “Best gift for my husband. He was struggling cutting onions and now it’s so easy for him to cook .” — EdgarAlina

“I wasn’t so sure if I would ever use something like this, but it has become a staple in my kitchen! I actually already have the white version of this, but saw the Croc Chop and had to have it! It’s makes perfect pico de gallo in minutes and great for chopped salads! It chops anything from lettuce to chicken, perfect for salads! It’s top rack dishwasher safe so easy to clean. It comes with cleaning brushes and picks as well. Definitely a must have for perfectly chopped or spiraled veggies!” —Tammy

A window-mounted acrylic bird feeder

Promising reviews: “Best gift ever. I purchased this birdfeeder for my son’s room. We found that we were all sitting in his room watching the birds! I had to get one for everyone. Love it!” — Amazon customer

“I love this bird feeder! The birds come right up to the window. Its easy to setup and well constructed. I’ve purchased other window feeders and this one is the clear favorite. The suction cups are strong and can support larger bird than some other feeders. The birds just love it! My kitty thinks it’s her TV. I had to hang it higher on the window so she doesn’t scare them. I’ve had about eight different species of birds visit this feeder. I highly recommend, it’s a nice way to feel connected to nature even while inside the house. Great for kids and grandparents. I bought several and sent to friends and family. It includes good instructions as well unlike some other companies.” — Miss April

AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

An extra-durable duck-shaped dog toy

Promising reviews: “Reviews were very helpful!! We gave our dog the best Christmas gift ever!! She loves it a lot” — it’s great

Hannah Loewentheil / BuzzFeed

An air fryer from the makers of the Instant Pot

Promising review: “I got this gift for a someone but they love it. I was told it cooks amazingly and it’s very very easy to clean and use. I was told this thing is absolutely the best gift they have received this year.” — EpicGamer

A set of 12 jumbo fizzy aromatherapy bath bombs

They’re each about the size of a tennis ball and they won’t stain your tub, so you won’t have to scrub afterwards.

Promising review: “I have been using bath bombs for years. I’ve used cheap brands, drugstore brands, luxury brands (Lush, YL) and more. This box gives all bath bombs I’ve tried a run for the money! The packaging was super cute and totally giftable. I was really impressed at the quality of the bath bomb itself too (I used Heal tonight) and I love that this uses natural essential oils. During this COVID-19 outbreak, I have had a lot of stress and anxiety and have enjoyed a bath nearly every night for the past week. This bomb gave me the most serene experience and they are HUGE! At least double the size of ones I’ve used before. Comparable to the size of Lush bombs. I will definitely purchase this box again when I run out and honestly it’s a great price at a little more than $2 a piece. You really can’t beat it!” — Heather H

“Best Christmas gift ever! These are wonderful! Best bath bombs I’ve ever tried, scent and texture are pure luxury! Wish I could post a scent rather than just a photo!” — Alli


A surprisingly soft tortilla blanket

It’s available in five sizes and 10 colors and styles, including pizza and waffle patterns.

Promising reviews:

Best purchase ever. Seriously. I thought after buying it I would regret it, $20 for a 5-foot blanket is a lot. But no. I opened the box containing its full glory, and I was stunned. I tore open the package, eager to experience the greatness of the Tortilla Blanket. The world around me will never compare to this blanket. As I wrapped it around myself, years of happiness sprung to my eyes, the pure softness was too much for my mortal body. I was consumed by the ultimate power of this breath-taking blanket, and now it will never leave my side. I cannot let this true beauty go, never.” — Mary Maples

“This blanket is my current go-to gift, I keep a supply on hand. Everyone loves them! these are lightweight, soft, and perfect for making yourself into a burrito while walking around the house. Soft, snuggly, best gift that you’ll want to keep!” — AngieZ

Bushwick Kitchen

A trio of spicy sauces

Bushwick Kitchen is a small business hand-making delicious sauces with locally sourced ingredients right in Brooklyn, New York.

Promising reviews:

“Received as a gift. Best gift I’ve gotten maybe ever. Good variety. All three are delicious.” — tim

“I [love] all Bushwick Kitchen’s products but I use their gochujang sriracha like an essential ingredient. I use on EVERYTHING and love its mellow spiciness. I use their meyer lemon honey in tea, their salted honey on buttered english muffins and their spicy honey on fried chicken (and have even put it on pepperoni pizza — I swear that’s a killer combo)! I bought the gift pack as a hostess gift — both because I knew the chef would love them but also because i’d run out of my own stash and wanted to be sure to have some available for the weekend.” — trish becker


A set of four laboratory-style shot glasses

Promising review: “Well made and were a big hit with or big kids. Was the best stocking gift of 2020!” — Jeff Roofq

A wireless karaoke microphone

It can also connect to their device via cable and is available in 15 colors.

Promising review: “I bought this for my 7 year old and it was the best gift she got this year! Hours of fun. I used it for an adult Christmas party and it was a huge hit. Hooks up to iTunes and it’s hours of fun.” — Amazon customer

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