24 Products That’ll Keep Your Skin Hydrated And Glowing When The Air Outside Is Crisp

Popular items from this list:

  • The cult-favorite Cosrx essence formulated with 96.3% snail secretion that’s lightweight and hydrating for all skin types

  • Or the SeoulCeuticals Snail Repair Cream that can help reduce fine lines and dark spots

  • Bio-Oil, a serum packed with good stuff like vitamin E, chamomile and lavender oil

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The cult-favorite Cosrx snail essence that’s lightweight and hydrating for all skin types

Promising reviews: “There is literally too much good about this product to list it all! DON’T WAIT JUST BUY IT! You will not regret it. This product has transformed my skin in just one week! I can’t wait to see the long-term effects. My skin has never felt so nourished! I have oily combo skin and I am sensitive to a lot of products and this product didn’t cause any breakout and did NOT increase my oil production! I actually started using this the day before I started my period and I had a pimple and I really feel like this made it go away. I didn’t get any other spots during my period and I usually get a few. I will use this forever!” — Amazon customer

Feels great on my skin and gives me the extra moisture that I really need during winter. Easy on the face and doesn’t irritate it (my skin isn’t easy to irritate tho). The product will last me a long time and I enjoy using it. Definitely became an integral part of my skincare routine.” — Renata

Or the SeoulCeuticals Snail Repair Cream that can help reduce fine lines and dark spots

Promising review: “I absolutely love this. It smells so good (citrusy), goes on well and melts into my skin rather than sitting on top. I used this along with the snail mucin from Cosrx. Makes my skin so smooth and soft. This is it for me. I will continue buying it for as long as they have it. Oh, and very hydrating without a greasy feel! Lasts all day long for me and I have semi-dry skin. You won’t regret it.” — Jenny Antle

Bio-Oil, a serum packed with good stuff like vitamin E, chamomile and lavender oil

Promising reviews: “Smells great. No sticky residue. Absorbed by skin fast, but leaves skin hydrated. I got it for my belly during pregnancy and used it today. Found myself putting it on several times because I like it so much.” — Amazon customer

“Love the feel of it when you put it on the skin. Get a softer feel. Haven’t noticed any changes to the scars or lines yet but I like to put it in the night, especially during winter as in the morning my skin is still moisturized and not feeling dried up.” — Raj Jash

The viral Juno & Co. cleansing balm that’s making waves in the TikTok beauty world

Juno & Co. was founded by Kyle Jiang in California and specializes in clean-ingredient skincare. Check out this balm in action on TikTok.

I personally use this balm when I double cleanse and I SWEAR by it. Not only does it remove all the dirt and oil you didn’t even know was there, but the texture is so smooth, it’s like rubbing butter on your face. I have dry skin and after using this my skin is so hydrated it looks and feels like I just got a facial.

Promising review:A tiny amount goes a long way!! I ALWAYS have makeup under my eyes after washing my face, but this takes it ALL off! Not even a speck of makeup left! Just massage a little on your face then rinse it off, and your makeup is washed clean off! It’s very moisturizing too! I don’t notice a scent at all which is perfect for me since I don’t care for scented facial products.” — Audra S

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands cream if you’re hard on your hands at work or wash them a ton

Promising review: “I just got this stuff last night and I’m really impressed! I work in food service so I am constantly washing my hands. They have been so terribly dried out this winter but my regular moisturizer wasn’t doing anything for the flaking, cracking, and paper-thin skin. I was slathering my hands with moisturizer multiple times per day. Anyway, I used this stuff before I went to bed last night and I can already tell a huge difference! The cracks around my knuckles look like they’re starting to heal up, my hands are super soft, and the best thing of all is they look and feel moisturized. It feels too good to be true but I don’t think it is! This stuff doesn’t stink (it seems to have absolutely no scent at all) nor is it greasy. However, it kind of leaves your hands feeling like they have a film on them. I’m not complaining though! This is heavy-duty stuff really made for people who work with their hands.” — Brandy M. Thielen

CeraVe’s Skin Renewing night cream, a holy grail moisturizer packed with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid

BuzzFeed Shopping editor Maitland Quitmeyer swears by this stuff: “I have sensitive, combination skin that’s also acne-prone (especially when I get stressed or don’t get enough sleep). I loved it right away, noticing the plumping, soft, hydrating effect it gave my skin after the first use — without any greasiness or overpowering fragrances. And after getting an allergic reaction to a different product, this cream got me THROUGH. TL;DR: CeraVe night cream really is fabulous, whether you have dry winter skin, combo skin, or your skin just needs some hardcore TLC after something goes awry. And for $15 a jar, you’re getting quite a lot of skincare bang for your buck.”

Promising review: “The first night I used this my skin improved!! Redness/bumps reduced, my skin was soft. I have very sensitive, oily, acne prone skin and this did not irritate my face at all. I wake up and my skin is soooo soft. My skin texture has drastically changed in just a week. My makeup applies so smooth and my pores even look better. My new go-to!” — Melody

A fast-working calming cream with a natural extract from chamomile oil that hydrates and helps relieve redness

Promising review: “Absolutely worth every single cent! I have severe rosacea that leaves my nose and cheeks dry, flaky, and breaking out. I’ve had little success with anything topical that will provide relief to my irritated skin. My sister recommended it to me when I was looking for a moisturizer after a severe sunburn that left my nose blistered and raw. I received my order Wednesday and applied it that night after washing my face. By Saturday afternoon my face is almost completely healed. The cream prevented peeling, and helped clear up my rosacea skin irritation! I’m completely amazed! I’ve applied less than a dime size over my face four times! My skin has truly never felt better! It’s got to be witchcraft because not even the different RXs I’ve tried over the years have produced these results. *I will note there was a very mild sting that lasted a couple of seconds when initially applying but that was likely due to the raw skin. It was completely bearable.” — Amazon customer

A hydrating eye stick, aka the perfect remedy for dehydrated skin

It also can help tighten the appearance of eye wrinkles if you’d prefer for them not to be as noticeable.

Promising review: “I must say I really am becoming a true fan of ‘K-cosmetics’ particularly moisturizers and skin care. Do not let the gimmicky packaging fool you as these are top-of-the-line products that look like they are packaged in a toy. This eye stick is remarkable, it is solid and it goes on feeling a bit wet but when it sinks in the tender skin around the eyes feels so good. This is a real must for anyone who particularly lives in a really dry environment.” — D. Matlack

A bottle of EOS body lotion just begging to be added to your winter skincare routine

Promising reviews: “If you have dry skin, this is THE moisturizer for you! It leaves you feeling soft and smooth! It is not watery and quick to evaporate like most lotions; it is just the right amount of thickness. It layers well with perfumes, especially those with vanilla notes!” — Oluwatosin A-O

“Oh LORD THIS IS THE BEST SMELLING LOTION I’VE EVER USED!!!!! It feels so nice and it just smells so GOOD!!!!!!!!! Buy it, it’s so worth it :D” — Sofia

A bottle of Nivea in-shower body lotion

Promising review: “I live in Wisconsin and have terrible dry skin in the winter. This year it has been worse than normal for whatever reason. I’ve used this the past couple of days and I’m very surprised at how well it keeps my skin moisturized. My back and arms are no longer itchy. I’d definitely recommend this product to anyone who has very dry skin.” — Chris C.

A Vaseline body balm stick you’ll want to have when cold wind hits your face

Promising reviews: “Great for your heels and any dry spots. It’s NOT heavy or greasy and is light to the touch. Your skin drinks it in. I got three, one each for my desk, my handbag, and my bathroom. It’ll be a nice soother for the lil’ one’s itchy spots as well, and their lil’ cheeks in the winter:))))))) Must get, you won’t be disappointed.” — LiLi


A fragrance-free multipurpose soothing balm you can use it on your lips, cuticles or anywhere else

Plus, it’s small enough to take on the go, so you’ll never be without your moisture fix.

Promising reviews: “I use it on my cuticles and it’s absolutely perfection! Easy to apply none messy like oils and leaves my cuticles looking straight out of nail salon perfect! I carry it in my purse at all times! A must have for sure.” — Katy

This is the real deal. Revives my lips fast and plumps them up. My lips stay hydrated hours after application. This is a must have for me.” — LipGirl

A lightweight eye cream that’ll keep your delicate under-eye area plumped and nourished

FYI, the packaging has recently changed, but it’s the same product you’ve seen before!

Promising reviews: “I LOVE this eye cream. I actually like the hydration so much I use it all over my face. This is definitely a great product and I have told several of my friends about it. It hydrates the skin really well and has no fragrances.” — Stephanie N. Troy

“For years in the harsh New England winters, my eczema would flare up on my eye lids and burn like a mutha f-er, and would look gross because it would all be red and swollen and I couldn’t put makeup on them. Then I randomly tried this eye cream and I’ve never had a flare-up again. Highly recommend!” — Natasha Young


Belif Moisturizing Bomb toner to replenish any lost moisture

Promising review: “After using this toner for the last few weeks, I have noticed amazing results. It helped even out my skin tone and left my face feeling soft. I felt it made my skin look new and refreshed.” — mosimmo

Amanda Davis / BuzzFeed

54 Thrones’ truly multitasking body butter

54 Thronesis a Black woman-owned small business that makes natural, clean skincare products.

BuzzFeed Shopping editor Amanda Davis loves this stuff: “I’m happy to report that I’ve have found thee body butter that not only has my skin glistening like a glazed donut in the sun, but it leaves my skin feeling hydrated, moisturized, AND it smells amazing, too. The rich, creamy, and suuuper thick texture is incredibly smooth, especially when rubbed in. My favorite scent is Egyptian Lavender + Moroccan Mint. I’ve been using it on my hands daily since I got the opportunity to try the brand. But when I’m feeling fancy (or am just going out for the night), I apply the Kenyan Hibiscus + Moroccan Rose all over after I shower to lock in a beautiful, floral scent. Once you try it, you won’t be able to live without it in your beauty routine!”

A container of Aquaphor multipurpose healing ointment to soothe, protect and restore smooth skin

Promising review: “At first I wasn’t sure I’d like this product because it is so greasy; I even heard it referred to as ‘the new Vaseline.’ My doctor recommended it for my cracking cuticles and fingers. I discovered that I was using too much, my mistake; I was applying it like regular hand lotion/cream. Once I learned a little goes a long way, I love it!! I keep the jar beside my bed and rub a small dab on my hands before turning off the light so it has all night to soak in. My hands are now crack-free and soft even though it is the middle of winter with extremely frigid weather.” — Mooselady

A bottle of nail and cuticle repair oil to get that cared-for look without having to go to the salon

Promising review: “Found it on TikTok and I’m so pleased with the results. My nails are getting stronger and growing. And the best of all, not chipping. Love it.” — sidna saavedra

Vie Beauty

A rosewater mist, aka the perfect way to refresh your face throughout the day

Vie Beauty is a Black woman–owned business founded in Atlanta, Georgia, that turns an everyday skincare product, rose water, into a luxury experience.

Promising review: “I’ve been using the 30Roses spray for almost a year and it’s become an absolute must-have in my skincare routine! I spray it all over my face after I apply my toner, then follow it up with serum. It’s such a simple step in my skincare routine, but I DEFINITELY notice a difference when I don’t use it. It leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and soft, and I’ll even use it as a setting spray over my makeup sometimes. And when I finish a bottle, I just turn it into a pretty oil diffuser for my vanity! Could not be more obsessed with 30Roses!” — Laila

CeraVe’s Hydrating Cleanser, which is like a tall glass of water for your skin with hyaluronic acid, ceramides and glycerin

Promising review: “Amazing skincare cleanser. I have dry skin and this is probably the best cleanser I’ve had in my fight against acne. I would definitely recommend this product since it’s so hydrating and makes your face feel fresh!” — Neil

Or a bottle of Youth To The People green tea cleanser to keep your face hydrated and fresh

I personally use this face wash and I’ve been through about four bottles so far. I love that it gets super lathery, so a little goes such a long way. My skin gets very dry in the winter, so I also love that it gets my face clean without my skin feeling tight or stripped of moisture.

Promising review: “AMAZING! I got this cleanser in an Ipsy box and RAN to order it larger size on Amazon. It makes my skin feel refreshed, as well as hydrated and clean. I have dry and oily skin — depends on the weather — and this cleanser stands the test over all types of seasonal changes. LOVE!” — Alexander Hallal


A brightening SPF 30 moisturizer because my fellow melanin baddies need sunscreen, too

Bolden is a small, Black woman-owned biz making skincare products that are never tested on animals.

Promising reviews: “Love this. This is my new facial care — very light and moisturizing, the sunscreen is great. And it works.” — Carol A Newman

“I love this moisturizer. Being a dark-skinned African American, I find that often times sunscreen leaves a residue. This is the first sunscreen I’ve ever used that doesn’t leave any weird discoloration, feels great on my skin, and it aids in reducing hyperpigmentation. I even have sensitive skin and haven’t had any breakouts while using Bolden’s sunscreen. A pump and a half is all I need for my face and neck. I highly recommend it and will be buying more for my family.” — Missy D


A jar of First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream ideal for applying before bed

Promising review: “I bought this and first of all, the price is awesome for how much you get. It’s a hydrating moisturizer without being thick and pore-clogging. I use it twice a day and my skin looooves it! It has a slightly fresh smell but isn’t overpowering. If you have dry, combo, or sensitive skin, you need this!” — VikkiYoung


Briogeo’s Scalp Revival for your itchy and flaky scalp

Briogeo is a Black woman–owned biz dedicated to making inclusive haircare products that are cruelty-free and gluten-free. It’s safe for color-treated, keratin-treated, chemically treated and relaxed hair.

Promising review: “I wish they came out with this product sooner because my dry scalp has been suffering. I have their entire Scalp Revival line and this was the perfect addition to it. My scalp felt so refreshed, clean, and hydrated after. I have thin hair and a dry scalp so this is such a great product for it. Worth every dollar.” — helentiffanycee

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