18 Good Christmas Gifts That Men Say They Actually Want

It may be just my experience, but whenever I ask the men in my life what gifts they want for the holidays, I’m typically met with a shrug and the ever-popular, “I don’t know.” It’s only after a hefty amount of cajoling and recollection work on my end that I’m able to come up with a list of possibilities. If you’re faced with a similar challenge, I may be able to offer some assistance.

In the name of journalism, along with a touch of curiosity, I asked men (and some of their gift-givers) what they actually want for the holidays, as well as what were winning presents from previous years that have continued to be a memorable favorite.

Of course, all men have different tastes, hobbies and wants, so I also took to the pages of Reddit, HuffPost Facebook groups and our newsroom to create a well-rounded selection of goods that may be just what you need for some gift-giving inspiration. Keep reading to find things like personalized celebrity video messages, durable clothing and job site essentials that are functional, but also just plain cool.

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